The history of the ”Rappenhof“ reaches back to 1604 to Hieronymus Hirsch who established the house’s tradition 12 generations ago. The vineyard’s name stems from the time in which the great grandfather of today’s owner, Klaus Muth, lived. He loved to ride in his covered chaise drawn by fervid black horses (=Rappen)

Weingut_Muth_Rappenhof_Lagen_klausToday’s owner of the ”Rappenhof“ is a direct descendant of the founder Hieronymus Hirsch.

After his judicial studies in Mainz and Lausanne, Klaus Muth also successfully completed viniculture training internships in Australia and the U.S., and took control of the family wine-growing estate while simultaneously continuing with his role as a lawyer.

Weingut_Muth_Rappenhof_Lagen_KarinKarin Muth also comes from the Rhine Hessen region. She is the contact person for external events and trade fair presentations and also responsible for all internal administrative duties concerning the wine-growing estate. She is happy to share her sensory and taste knowledge in counseling interviews with customers.

Elisabeth Muth - Weingut RappenhofThe upcoming 13th generation, Elisabeth Muth, is now working in Munich as an architect (Master of Science) after her studies in Darmstadt (TU) and Zürich (ETH).