VDP-Gutswein-Weingut-RappenhofGood from the ground up
Our wines which carry our signature are light, tangy and fruity. Their uncomplicated nature makes them suitable for lots of everyday occasions.

All of our wines originate from our own vineyards in the districts of Alsheim, Guntersblum, Ludwigshöhe, Dienheim, Oppenheim and Nierstein.

VDP-Ortswein-Weingut-RappenhofSourced from superior soils
Our local wines are sophisticated with a high maturing potential and stem from particularly classified vineyards. They are clearly influenced sensorily by the Terroir and convince the wine connoisseur on special occasions.

Local wines of the varietal Riesling originate from the best vineyards in Alsheim, Oppenheim and Nierstein. The white and grey burgundies come from the vineyards in Alsheim and Guntersblum.

VDP-GrosseLage-Weingut-RappenhofThe peak of the pyramid
Our wines from the “Große Lage” are the flagship of German wine growing. They best express the uniqueness of our vineyards such as Herrenberg and Sackträger in Oppenheim and Oelberg, and Pettenthal in Nierstein. The wines are many-faceted and have an enormous maturing potential. While the dry wines from ”Große Lage“ are designated as ”Große Gewächse“ (Grand Cru), the fruity and lusciously sweet wines bear, besides the vineyard names, also the title Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese.

Sekt-Weingut-RappenhofEven our sparkling wines are solely made out of grapes from our own vineyards. The maturation of the basic wines in our cellars is specially targeted at the subsequent sparkling wine production. We pay special attention to the traditional fermentation in the bottle.
Additionally, we also offer a variety of sparkling wines with a particularly good price-performance ratio. These are made in the charmat method.

Weingut_Muth_Rappenhof_LagenNot only the winemaker but also the location of a vineyard contributes to a wine’s quality, thus allowing our wines to measure up to their full potential.
Niersteiner Pettenthal – VDP.Große Lage
Niersteiner Oelberg – VDP.Große Lage
Oppenheimer Sackträger – VDP.Große Lage
Oppenheimer Herrenberg – VDP.Große Lage
Alsheimer Frühmesse – VDP.Erste Lage
Alsheimer Fischerpfad – VDP.Erste Lage

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